Purchase Commercial Merchandise With Shipping

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Purchase Commercial Merchandise With Shipping Ever green group Ever green group Ever green group

We manage the entire supply chain in a thoughtful and orderly manner so that we develop adequate strategic plans with an ideal, integrated and effective performance factor and establish a practical business system between the supplier and the customer. Our company provides the necessary guarantees and guarantees to achieve the maximum quality and efficiency
evergreen company is with you everywhere. Our company is fully prepared to meet all customers by providing appropriate purchasing sources and transferring your shipment from Turkey to Arab and European countries
By means of universal transportation at the international level

land shipping
Sea freight
Air freight
Be confident that our primary goal is to achieve the customer's demand for product and service at the lowest costs and prices

Finding suitable sources of supply
evergreen group works to build a wide network of relationships to achieve the benefits that accrue to our customers in building a profitable strategic alliance between our customers’ companies and suppliers’ companies or local merchants in Turkey
To have a complete reciprocal business relationship

Steps in the process of finding the right source of supply

1- Determine the products that our customers require

Raw materials or raw materials (iron, paper, wood, fabrics, charcoal, glass...)
Finished goods or ready for direct consumption (clothing, furniture, electrical appliances, industrial machinery, transport vehicles, foodstuffs...)
2- Agreeing on the product and the initial price with the customer

Our company provides consultations regarding the type of product that our customers require with the provision of initial and approximate prices before obtaining any possible discount from our company or from the supplier

3- Finding different sources of supply

Our company prepares a list of supplier companies and suppliers that meet the needs of our customers
The necessary information about each company and its management is collected from (company records - product marketing catalogs - supplier commercial directory - supplier trade quality) and then based on the information, suppliers are classified with their facility by choosing highly credible sources and then sending the best classification list to our customers to choose what suits them

4- Negotiate with the supplier

Our company negotiates with the relevant supplier to obtain the best prices, the best products and flexibility in dealing while maintaining the level of service in high quality
Returns are returned to the source of supply, in the event of a defective product, by prior agreement with the supplier, by setting appropriate guarantees for our customers
Agreement with several suppliers in the production market to push them to compete and then choose the most appropriate supplier

5- Production experience and supplier reliability control

Before concluding any deal, in the first shipment, a limited amount of the required products is sent so that our customers can experience the supplier in its ability to meet the needs of our customers and see the services provided by the supplier
With the possibility of sending samples to our customers of the required materials or products

6- Signing the contract

Conditions are set to be agreed upon with care to build bridges of cooperation between our company, the supplier and our customers and raise the slogan of trust and commitment

7- The stage of shipment and implementation with evergreen group

The goods are checked and the shipment is fully inventoried, and the entire shipment is packaged properly and securely with the brand of the supplier company.
We appoint trusted experts to obtain the proper procedures and papers necessary for the shipment by the supplier company to avoid being subjected to legal accountability or any disruption in the shipment procedures.
Securing customs clearance papers and customs clearance of goods for our customers
Our company can manage warehousing cadres to manage the stock of the arriving products or complete the shipping process directly to the customer

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