Land freight to and from Turkey

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Land freight to and from Turkey

Land freight from Turkey:

evergreen Shipping Services Company in Turkey We offer land freight service from Turkey to all over the world and vice versa.

evergreen, as it provides land logistics services to and from Turkey, it also provides you with all the necessary facilities for the arrival of your goods to their destination, such as preparing the necessary papers and so on.

With evergreen company, you do not need to be yourself in Turkey, We can provide you our services where ever you are 

Full insurance on all goods and shipments
Safe storage and fully refrigerated mechanisms for shipments that require it
All assembly and packaging services and packing services
Do you need customs clearance? Or prepare specific papers related to the shipment? We present it to you with gratitude
Counting, statistics, weighing and ensuring the integrity of the specifications according to the agreements between the seller and the buyer before receiving the shipment.
Various free consulting services

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