Custom Reefer Container Shipping

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Custom Reefer Container Shipping Ever green group

Our company is always working on important expansion and future plans in the field of international freight and evergreen group provides optimal logistics services due to the multiplicity of needs and requirements of our customers all over the world
Our company owns more than 5000 containers of various types with the latest technical advantages in the world. Because of the high cost of purchasing containers, evergreen group offers you a service of securing reservations for refrigerated containers with suitable temperatures on demand.
With a full team of experts and specialists in the field of shipping refrigerated containers, our company offers you international quality control measures and ships to you the goods that need to be transported at controlled temperatures based on their quality.
With evergreen :
Refrigerated container reservation service on board ships

Refrigerated container reservation service on board trucks
Refrigerated container reservation service on board aircraft

Refrigerated container reservation service features
Halbelioglu Company: Services and abundant possibilities in international freight services
Our company has a complete team to manage reefer container systems so that it manages shipment operations very carefully while adhering to international health standards

Measures taken to ensure the safety of refrigerated goods
- Maintaining refrigerated containers periodically to ensure their effectiveness and the safety of their proper operation
Applications of hygiene and sterilization procedures
Adjust temperatures, record reports and submit them upon request
Provide adequate ventilation inside the container to avoid moisture
Cooling the container before loading the goods
Provide enough space in the container to properly load and unload food or products
Ensure that refrigerated shipments are unloaded in designated places to prevent external pollutants
- Loading unloading sorting packaging services

Guarantees provided by evergreen company with the provision of import sources
In the event that the shipment is available in the customer’s warehouse, our company takes information on the weight, size and quality of the shipment to calculate the costs involved
But if the client wants to provide sources of purchase and appoint him to our company as a commercial intermediary, we offer our clients a specialized service in supply chain management in contracting purchase deals for raw materials and finished goods.
In addition to a distinguished staff to carry out the work of calculating the weight and volume of goods and inventorying goods and submitting all required reports and final costs to our customers to ensure the reliability of our company, we keep you fully informed and permanently informed and answer all your inquiries as our company secures the necessary guarantees for each shipment

Customs clearance services

evergreen group has commercial records to include all commercial activities that correspond to many types of goods of our valued customers
We provide a full customs clearance service on behalf of our clients' facility after obtaining an official authorization from your facility

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