Air freight to and from Turkey

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Air freight to and from Turkey

We transport goods and documents through the most important air freight companies in Turkey to all over the world, we receive the shipment from the door and deliver it at the door, with full guarantee and guarantee of the safety of the shipment, whatever it is.

evergreen company bears the responsibility for your shipment to reach its destination in the fastest and shortest period of time. Our services are not limited to the services of a regular shipping company in Turkey! Rather, we offer all facilities that will ensure your comfort and ease of customs handling in Turkey.

With evergreen group you do not need to be yourself in Turkey, if you are in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar or any country

Arab or foreign, it is enough for us to receive the shipment information and we will receive it from the merchant, lab or place of issuance and ship it to your place.

The quality of the services we provide and our customer satisfaction is what made us the best shipping company in Istanbul in the eyes of our customers.

We insure all your shipments
We provide safe and sound storage facilities to ensure the safety of your materials
We provide all assembly and packaging services and packaging services
Do you need customs clearance? Or prepare specific papers related to the shipment? We present it to you with gratitude
Will we receive your shipment from a dealer, factory or any laboratory? We provide statistics, counting and weighing services and ensure that the shipment meets the specifications agreed upon by the seller and buyer.
Various free consulting services! Halablioglu offers you various answers to all your inquiries, no matter how free of charge (Tallal).
From door to door while you are at home, charge and receive 🙂

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